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Madison & Sydney is a family-owned and operated business. We offer handcrafted items that can be used as functional art, captivating décor, or unique gifts.

100 Mosaics 6.25-29.75
P159 FGTOD 6-6
P159 FGTOD 6-6

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IMG_4843 - Copy.JPG

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P159 FGTOD 6-6
P159 FGTOD 6-6

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our core values

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We care about the details.

We aim to focus on

precision and function to

ensure each item's lasting beauty. 

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Life is tough, and

mistakes are inevitable.  

We aim to employ laughter

and ease frustration

and to remember the joy in life.

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I wonder if...

What happens when...

We aim to experiment with

distinctive features, re-purposed materials,

and unique patterns

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A splash of color.

A new angle.

A different shape.

We aim to be

thoughtful in our designs.

Made With Heart
Made In New Jersey
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